Position : Assistant Professor
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Contact No. : 2948-7374 Room No. : B4-2/F-17
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  • Ph.D. The Institute of Education, University College London
Teaching Interests
  • Research Methodology
  • Second Language Acquisition
Research Interests
  • Task-based Language Teaching
  • Implicit and Explicit Learning
  • Second Language Acquisition
Selected Publications
  • Journal Publications
  • Book Chapters
    • Hendawi, M., Manasreh, M., Scotland, J. & Rogers, J. (Forthcoming). Qatar University Foundation Program: An access to higher education and pathway for transformation.. In E. Bernhat (Ed.), University Pathways: A Global Perspective . : Springer.
    • Rogers, J. (Forthcoming). Teaching / Learning vocabulary through metacognition. In J. Liontas (Ed.), The TESOL encyclopedia of English language teaching: Teaching vocabulary . : Wiley.
    • Rogers, J., Révész, A. & Rebuschat, P. (2015). Challenges in incidental learning research. In P. Rebuschat (Ed.), Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages (pp. 275-300). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Paper Presentations at Conferences
  • Rogers, J. & Al-Surmi, M. (2018, March). Effects of anticipated feedback on writing behaviors and text quality. To be presented at AAAL, Chicago, USA
  • Rogers, J., Revesz, A. & Monroe, A. (2017, April). The effects of task repetition on L2 writing fluency, pausing and revision behaviours. The Seventh International Conference on Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT), Barcelona, Spain
  • Rogers, J. (2017, March). Lag effects in second language acquisition: A conceptual replication of Rogers (2015). AAAL, Portland, USA
  • Rogers, J. (2017, January). Widespread myths about teaching and learning. The International Conference on English Language Teaching, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar
  • Rogers, J. (2016, April). Working memory, awareness, and the development of implicit and explicit knowledge. AAAL, Orlando, USA
  • Rogers, J. (2015, February). Durability of learning following intensive and extensive instruction. Qatar TESOL conference, Doha, Qatar
  • Rogers, J. (2014, September). Incidental learning and online processing of L2 case-marking: a self-paced reading study. EuroSLA 24, York, UK
  • Rogers, J. (2014, March). Incidental exposure and the implicit learning of L2 case-markings. AAAL 2014, Portland, USA
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